Who we are

The Ahimsa House is a center for practices of peace & mindful living. In the heart of West Philaldephia we are center for conscious consumerism. Our pillars are ahimsa (non-violence), dana (generosity), metta (unconditional love), and mindfulness.


We offer weekly classes on Yoga, Meditation, Cooking and more. We also offer workshops in Non-Violent Communication, Gardening, Reiki, and Tarot Card Readings. Groups such as Food Not Bombs, Men Against Patriachy and Queer and Trans Tradespeople also have regular & open meetups in the space.


All events at the Ahimsa house are free. The Ahimsa House runs purely on a dana. Dana is the sanskrit word meaning generosity. The Ahimsa house aims to cultivate the practice of Dana by giving the community tools and resources to find happiness and well-being.

Get Involved

The Ahimsa house is about the creation of community. Please, come to our classes and work shops, and if there are any gifts or offerings you would like to make through the house, get in touch with us. The house is open for you to use.

  contact us at 215.488.7772 or ahimsahousephilly@gmail.com

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