What is Dana?

 Ahimsa House runs classes and workshops on dana, meaning everything is



The sankrit word dana means generosity and is a ground for what in eastern cultures is considered “right livelihood”. In western culture we have used the term  "gift economy".


The model of a gift economy allows all people to participate regardless of Economic standing, as we feel that money inhibits too many good things! Instead, we invite participants to contribute what they can. For those who can afford it, we suggest paying $7/class, but no one will be refused due to money constraints, nor will you ever be asked directly for a donation!


For those who are in a position to do so, we also encourage additional contributions that will help to support  the growth of the center. All money will go towards the expenses of running the workshops and inviting inspirational spiritual and sustainability leaders to lead special teachings and workshops. Operating expenses, such as class materials, library books, snacks and marketing materials also are paid through dana.


Dana is not just about money! no! We welcome those who are able to practice dana by offering your skills! Can you clean? Can you organize? Can you network? Can you teach? Offering a class to others at ahimsa house is one of the highest forms of dana. If you have a practice of peace that you would like to share in the form of a workshop or regular class or if you have time to help clean or manage the space we would love to welcome you to the team!


Please fill out our volunteer application & be in touch! ahimsahousephilly@gmail.com

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